Thursday, August 16, 2012

Backyard camping/Miracle tree story

As you can see we have had a camping day today in our backyard.This happens atleast once or twice during the summer each year.We set up two big tents and whoever wants can sleep outside.We usually have a camp-fire and roast marshmallows.Abraham likes to get his guitar out and play music during this time.We have dinner out on our deck and just enjoy each others company.This evening we did all those things in addition to swimming and lighting sparklers.It was a nice time.
Few of our kids went to Mr.and Mrs.Livermore's house.When they came home they shared a miracle story with us.The story was about a tall tree that has grown very tall beside their house.Mr.and Mrs.Livermore were planning to call some workers to cut down the branches on that tree because it was to tall and I think worried them that it might fall on their house.They were going to pay atleast a hundred dollars to get that done.Today while the kids were there a huge branch fell of that tree by itself.It wasn't even storming,it just happened.It amazes me and I think of God himself telling Mr.and Mrs.Livermore don't worry about the tree I will take care of it for you.So he does!That's how I see it!