Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shine Your Light

The highlight of my day was being at church this morning.Sadly I didn't hear the sermon,but I can't complain because what I did get to do was worth it.For the first hour at church I got to help care for five precious little babies.Helping at the church nursery is a once month thing for me,so in a way it is a special time in my life.During the second hour I went to a class where teens meet.This Sunday two of my sisters and I were supposed to start going to the adult classes,but we didn't get the message about that clear and spent our time with the teens.It's not a big deal,because we were useful.I believe used by God.The youth pastor asked the three of us to lead the girls that were there today.We discussed some questions based on what he preached earlier to us.What mainly made church the highlight of my day was that moment.A moment when my two sisters and I got to encourage those girls.Most of them are starting school tommorow and are so nervous about it.So we got to encourage them to shine their light, we got to challenge them to share about Jesus and reach out.Reaching out is a very important thing to do and can make you happy the most.There are so many kids out there that need to know about Jesus.Being the one that reaches out to someone that is lonely is a good start,it shows them that you are different and makes them wonder what is it that you have that makes you care so much.It's important to eventually let them know what that you are a follower of Christ and that you care because He cares.I want to spend some time in prayer for the young christians at our church and everywhere that are starting school tommorow.I will pray that they will choose to be someone that is compassionate,instead of someone that is to afraid to get out of their comfort zone.When you think of life things like school,work and all those things we think are important are not important, really.What is important is the sacrifices we make to share Jesus with the world, and show His love to others through our actions and the choices we make.Honestly nothing is cooler than coolunity.Coolunity is another word for reaching out and caring for others.I have realized the importance of life and more than anything want to never stop applying it to my life,and want to see it in others who believe as well.