Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Translator

On each adoption trip that my parents took they were provided with a translator,the translator would be a person that would help them translate the language in the country they were in.My parents traveled to Ukraine three times.The first time my brother Luke and I were adopted.The second time Joseph,Cate and Leah were adopted from the same orphanage that I was from,in Izmail.Ben,who is the fifth biological child got to come along on that trip and the third trip.At that time he was already learning to speak Russian.Ben was always great at learning languages.On the third trip Jonas,Caleb,Olivia,Rachel and Tia were adopted.Olivia,Rachel and Tia are actually biological sisters!On all the Ukranian trips Roma was the translator.All ten that were adopted,mom,dad and Ben got to know Roma.We liked him very much and we know that he was a great big part of our adoptions.Without him our adoptions would not have happened.Roma lives in Ukraine and works as a translator.I think being a translator would be a job that is full of adventure,but it has its struggles because that is how life is.Right now Roma is in the United States.He is in charge of twelve children that are from Ukraine.He is helping a host group,that means that those kids were brought from their country and are staying with different families.Sometimes that leads to an adoption of a child.Anyway the super neat thing that happened is that we got to speak to Roma on the phone yesterday.Almost all of us that know him got a chance to say hi and talk to him.I was a little nervous at first about talking to Roma due to not being sure of what to say, but I am so glad that I did.I realized that I should have alot to say,after all he has helped save my life!I talked to Roma for awhile and found out that he is doing well.He is married and is raising a family now, and in his words getting older.It has been eight years since the first Ukranian adoption and Roma is a part of this adoption journey that my parents started many years ago,he is a man that chose to live his life loving orphans and making their number one dream come true.