Friday, July 6, 2012

Going deep...

I try to read at least a little bit from the Bible everyday.Sometimes I would skip a day, but lately have been good at coming back to it the next day.In the past reading my Bible has been a big struggle because my heart wasn't in it.This year I made the choice to make it a habit because even if my heart isn't in it God draws me near to him.I found out that if I want to keep up with doing my Bible it's best to keep it simple.The way I do it is by randomly opening the Bible and reading a small section that my eyes see first.Then I write down the reference of the part I read and the name of the section.If there is a verse that really sticks out to me I write it down as well.Then underneath it I write a small form of a letter to God.Many times if I am in upset state I pour it out to God and afterwards I feel better.I know that he hears and wants me to go to him during those times. Few days ago I just felt like reading the Bible from the beggining.I started it,reading a chapter a day and writing as I usually do.Here are somethings that I learned this past week: Genesis 1 Verse 27 stuck out to me the most.It is talking about how God created us in his own image.What can be better to know than that? Honestly that is more encouraging to hear than the simple compliments that I get each day.If only we can remember that we are made in God's image,we would see ourselves differently. Genesis 2 In this chapter verse 18 was the verse that encouraged me the most.Sometimes I think about my future husband and wonder what if I never meet him.Then I think, if I do what good would I be.In this verse it states that we ladies are made as suitable helpers to our husbands.Without women men would be alone and that wouldn't be good.That is what the Bible says,isn't that so true? Genesis 3 I wrote down verse 16 because it was clearly spoken to Eve,but what I learned from this chapter is that since the beginning of time we were sinners.We chose to be bound in this body of death,because of our selfish desires.To this very day that truth hasn't changed.One thing that changed is that we have hope because Jesus died for our sins and we have a choice to choose him. Genesis 4 Verse 7 talks about choosing to do what is right.If we choose to do wrong things sin will remain in our lives and it will rule over us.We should choose to rule over it,with God's help we can!
 Genesis 5 Verse 1 brings up the creation of us in God's likeness once again.I love it! It talks that God has blessed the first man and woman,he called them"human beings".We are blessed to be God's most treasured creation and shouldn't take it for granted.We are sinners that are loved by our creator!