Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Ghana Girls...

Last week we all were putting mulch down on our flower beds.We used wheel-barrows to bring mulch to the location that needed it.Then Sari unexpectedly got a bucket full of mulch,put it on her head and started walking towards one of the flower beds.We were so amazed at how good she balanced it.It was so incredible! The women in Ghana carry things on their head like that.I've known that for a long time but I have never imagined a seven year old girl doing that, especially with something that isn't exactly light.I know for a fact the bucket was heavy but I don't know if she thought it was.She had it on her head for quite awhile.It was pretty cool!
Yesterday during swimming pool time my sister Lily noticed Sari and Selah sitting in two chairs facing each other.They were dipping a rag into a bucket of water and washing their baby dolls.Lily asked them if that is how the ladies in Ghana washed their babies.The girls said yes and that is how their mommy from Ghana washed Jessi and Judah.I thought it was so cute!