Monday, July 9, 2012

About Luke

Luke and I were adopted at the same time in 2004.His orphanage was less than a mile from mine.I've walked past it before the adoption and never knew that I am passing an orphanage.It was hard to tell that it was a place where kids were kept,because it was surrounded by a gate that covered the place completely.As I've passed by that place I never knew that my future brother is in there.When Luke was adopted he was 2 years old and was about to turn 3. Luke was a child with many special needs.He was unwanted by his biological parents,because there was no way that they could have helped him.At least that was their thought,I think they simply chose not too.That's when my parents came into Luke's story and with God's help they made it worth telling.
Full name:Luke David Briggs/ Place of birth:Ukraine/ Orphanage location:Izmail,Ukraine/ Date of adoption:October 2004/ Luke's special needs:he had to have a heart surgery because without it,his heart would have eventually failed/he had a surgery to remove a mylo-ceal on his back/he had numerous surgeries to fix up his cleft palate/Luke was born with one of his legs attached to his back and a clubbed foot/it was a long process for his legs to come to a point they're at today/he had surgeries,casts and fixators on his legs All of these special needs were met and Luke's life was changed completely.His heart isn't about to fail,he is talking and walking.Come to think of it his story is one that is worth telling and he is the one that will tell it best.Right now Luke is ten years old.He is a very smart boy,to smart for his own good.I simply love his personality and bravery.All those surgeries have made him fearless and he is a tough guy.He has told us that he wants to become a doctor when he grows up and we have never doubted that he can.It would be really amazing to see if that would end up being a reality.He would be a doctor that can encourage many that are suffering by telling them his story and what he has had to go through. Today I was talking to Luke about all of this that I wrote down and he told me one thing that I can't help but share.He said that when his biological parents chose not to keep him it was just what God wanted,because God planned for our parents to take him and do all they can to help him.Luke understands that his painful past was meant to lead to a better future in his life.He is not angry that he was an orphan that could have died because of those that brought him into this world chose to abandon him.He understands that he went through all of this because God wants to use him for his glory.I saw that he understands in his own eyes.Luke is still learning and growing,but I believe he would grow up and change lives.