Monday, July 16, 2012

Appalachian Trail

Few of us hit the Appalachian Trail on Sunday.We took lots of pictures,it was a great time.We saw few things that just amazed us.We saw a beehive,a snake and many other unusual sights that you might spot in the woods.When we reached our destination to the Annapolis Rock,it was so gorgeous there.I did feel a little afraid because we were so high up.When few of my sisters would get a little bit close to the edge I felt worried and would tell them to not be that close to the edge.Besides that the view was just breath-taking.Seeing such things,how can we doubt that God is real? That day we got to see God's creation in a way that we've never seen before. It was also beginning to rain and we got to see lighting striking from top to bottom.We weren't thinking much about the rain at first because it wasn't pouring too hard.We were taking pictures and just enjoying being up there.Then it started to rain a little bit harder and that's when we decided to hit the trail back.:)Let's just say we were soaked in less than a minute.We were walking and running while the rain was pouring on us.It was an experience we will not forget.I would not have traded that the time we shared together for anything that day!