Monday, June 11, 2012

A visit from Jenn,Ezra,Ella,Eli and Zoe

Our sister Jennifer(she is my parent's second biological child)came down from North Carolina to visit us.She brought her four children with her.Since we last saw them a change have accured.Eli and Ezra have grown taller,it was so surprising to see them look different,because the last time I saw them they were so small.Things change so fast... We had a great few days with them,they are a good family and fun to be around.I have great respect for the way my sister and her husband parent their children.One thing that I love the most is how they make every moment count, because they are aware that things change so fast... (The Hambrick My sister also has a blog.It is great...if anyone is interested to read it,be free to look it up.