Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day at the Livermores

Mya,Selah,Isaac,Luke and I spent our day at Mr.and Mrs.Livermore's house today.It was a day well spent,visiting them has always been fun.The first thing we did is go to Mrs.Livermore's neighbor.Her name is Kandie(my version of spelling her name).She has a very awesome looking house.When you look at it from the outside,it looks like a normal house.As soon as you come in ,thats when you become surprised.It's very unusual and looks very historical.I liked it! When we got there she sat us at a table and served iced-tea to us.Then we talked for a little while.She is a nurse and her gift is taking care of people.She is also a christian...it was nice visiting her. When we went back to Mr.and Mrs.Livermore's house we watched a movie called "Secondhand Lions".I got a kick out of that one.I still can't get over about how good I thought it was.It was very funny and just interesting.It had different plots and just made us all laugh all the way through. Isaac took to a broken toy-train at their house and worked on it for a long time.Finally he figured out what the problem was and ended up fixing it.He is a very smart boy! Later Mrs.Livermore took some of us on a walk.They live right beside a golf-course and the kids were looking for golf-balls while we were walking. After the walk we had dinner,believe me it was a good dinner.During dinner we talked about all sorts of different things.I was very interested in finding out about their lives when they were younger.They told us about their very first vehicle,they purchased it for twenty-dollars(back then that must have been a fair amount for a near death car).They said that the car was in bad condition and that they had to take turns unsticking something at the bottom of it just to keep it running.They ended up selling it for twenty dollars.Mr.Livermore's first job was taking care of plants,then he worked on different farms,he played football,served in the military for three years,was a teacher and later became a school principal.Mrs.Livermore worked for a phone-company,she started out as someone that answers telephones and reached as high as supervisor or a manager.Besides their jobs,they are truly amazing people.Greatest role-models I've ever met.One other amazing thing is that long ago Mrs.Livermore went on a mission trip to Ukraine.When we talk to her about Ukraine,she has great understanding because she has had some experience in Ukranian culture,it's super neat.We love them very much!!! We ended the day with playing a card game called "golf".A simple and fun game for all ages.Then Mya,Selah and Luke went outside to catch some fireflies,and they wanted to bring them home. One story Mrs.Livermore told me that just amazed me was this one.Not long ago her husband was at the grocery store and he had a teenage boy run up to him asking him for help.Mr.Livermore followed him outside to his car and found the boy's mom crying.She told him that her vehicle has run out of gas and she can't pay for it.Mr.Livermore took her to the nearest gas station without further questioning and filled her car up for her.Then he started wondering if she needed more help.He thought, what if she needed food? Then he told her that she needed to find somebody that will be able to help her much better than he can.Her answer was that she already did!She was talking about Jesus!!! It's amazing how God used Mr.Livermore to show someone who was struggling that He will take care of her.