Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharks & Minnows

So this is a game that has been a favorite lately among my family members.When they want to play it, everyone usually gets involved in it,including some of the adults.Two people stand in the middle,everyone else tries to run to the other side without getting tagged by the two that are in the middle.If you are tagged you sit down on the ground and are allowed to tag the runners if they pass by you.It's fun and easy to get for all ages.Even my three year old sister Lila plays it.Sometimes though she asks whoever she can for a piggy back-ride to the the other side,and when the person that is giving the ride gets tagged,she gets off and keeps running.No hard feelings,she wasn't the one that got tagged! It involves alot of running,I think it's meant to be a game that is played in the pool,but we play it both ways.Leah took these pictures when the game was last played.We don't play it much right now because it has been so humid outside.I can't believe it's already June.How did it come so fast? I quess all I want to say is that those times we have as a family are great and will be remembered,and missed.I keep telling myself almost everyday,live each moment like it could be your last.Then I get caught up in life and forget that the times we're in now are precious and will pass faster than we think.You can't go back and re-live it,so live it out now.