Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day...will be remembered

Ben(my older brother)took the older ones (whichever ones wanted to go) ice-skating.I didn't go, because I just didn't believe I would have been able to ice-skate.Someday I want to try it (with help).Anyway they had a great time! Some of them were naturally good at it and some were getting the hang of it.Ben was quite a chick-magnet,so I heard.Few girls that were there were falling down on purpose expecting him to pick them up.The funny thing was he wasn't very comfortable on his own skates, so when they were coming towards him he would become afraid of falling down himself.It was just funny to hear my sisters telling me all of that.When they all came home we all had a party at our house.It was a Hawaiin type of party.We decorated the outback of our house,swam pretty much all day long then some at night,played water-baloon toss,later we had a big dinner and roasted marshmallows.It was a fun day...a day that would be hard to forget.That's how we celebrated our Memorial Day! During the day thoughts of those that sacrificed their lives fighting for our country did come to my mind.I can't imagine how hard this day must have been for those who lost loved ones in any type of war.Life is a battlefield...no matter where you go, you will always have to face hardships.One of my sisters asked me yesterday ,if I could change one thing about the world what would it be.I was about to say that I would want the world to have world-peace.Then instead I told her,happiness. I would want to see everyone happy.Happy and thankful for what they are blessed with,even when they are facing a trial.I know that true happiness comes when we are sattisfied with having and knowing that Jesus is all we need.It's not easy,but would we be willing to give up the one thing that means the world to us all because we love Jesus? We should be,it's easier said than done,but we should be!