Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daddy time

One of the nicest things that happened today was the daddy-time the older girls got.Our dad wanted to go to Lowes and asked if anybody wanted to come with him.Usually it's the boys that get to go,but that wasn't so today.Today Rachel,Leah,Olivia,Tia,Anna and I went.I thought it was very cute to see our dad walking through Lowes sorrounded by six of his daughters.I won't deny that we got few stares and friendly smiles from the people that we past by.I could see on my dad's face and through his actions that he was very proud and happy to have some of his daughters all to himself today.I loved it!!! It was a gorgeous day today also.We all spent the day outdoors watching the little ones play and enjoying the nice weather. I do have an "unspoken prayer request".It's very important to my family! So whoever reads this post would you please pray for this unspoken prayer atleast once.I know that God will hear it and know what it is,then he will work it out according to his will.