Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's amazing to see how fast our Sari has adjusted into our family.When she was adopted last month she wouldn't make a sound,now she is talking.She seems more comfortable around us.She enjoys spending time with her brothers and sisters.She is very affectionate! Sometimes when she walks by I would spread my arms out and ask her to give me a hug(because I just can't help it,she's precious),and she always does.She has a beautiful smile and a gentle way of being.As I have mentioned before she is our Selah's twin sister.They don't look alike though,because they are furternal twins.They are the same age ofcourse,both are seven years old.One thing about Sari is that she is very tall,much taller than Selah.That is not a bad thing because many people in Africa are tall.She is about as tall as our twelve year old Lily and very close to my height.That is no surprise because I'm naturally short.Sari is a very good helper around the house,if she sees that there is something that is needed to be done,most of the time she would step in and try to help.She is very motherly and likes to try to take care of the little ones in our family.This morning we all were doing some yard work in front of our house and Sari just knew what to do.She had a hoe in her hand and was working as hard as everybody else.We asked her if she did some weeding in Ghana,she said she did.There is something special about these children from Africa.They all are such blessings to us,each and everyone we've adopted  were a win for us.We love them! They are selfless and appreciate what they have.Lately I have noticed that Sari was taken with the Rapunzel doll that she found around the house.Sari is very good with hair,so that explained her love of the Rapunzel doll.Honestly that is the only toy that I've seen her play with.I've seen her play with it in different places around the house.She would carry it outside by the pool area even and just do the doll's hair.Who knows maybe she would become a hair designer someday! So, yes, we have been enjoying our new sister,she is a gift from God!