Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Words to live by

JUST THINK you're here not by CHANCE but by God's choosing
His hand formed you and made you the person you are
He compares you to no one else
You are ONE of a kind
You lack nothing that His grace can't give you
He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special PURPOSE
                                 Roy Lessin

 Two of my sisters and I went to clean a house this morning.My sisters and I have done house-cleaning for few years now and it has helped us become more responsible in the working area.This morning as we were cleaning one of the lady's house I noticed this quote on her wall.I have felt very discouraged lately and as I read it those words were the words I needed at the moment.I found a piece of paper and quickly wrote them down to keep and share.I hope those who read it today will feel encouraged by this quote.It's written in truth!