Sunday, May 13, 2012

Abraham & DeeAnna

This whole week my mom,sisters and I were keeping a secret from Abraham.His girlfriend DeeAnna wanted to surprise him by showing up at church to see him.She let me know through an e-mail on earlier this week.We have been keeping in touch through e-mails for two weeks now and I have grown closer to her.So this morning she showed up to see my older brother.He was very surprised! They have known each other for at-least four years now.Both met each other at a church called Independent Bible Church which DeeAnna goes to right now.As I was told by them that they were brought together by prayers.I asked DeeAnna once if there was a person that God sent to her, besides Abraham.She told me that she met a lady once and that lady was blind.DeeAnna believes that God was testing her and preparing her to meet Abraham who happens to be blind.They love each other very much!One proof is that I picked up one of her notebooks this morning at church and on every page was written a prayer request to God for Abraham.Just seeing that made me see how truly special their relationship is and that they were brought together by nobody else but God.