Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Willy,Sadie and Emma Briggs:)

  Here are the Briggs doggies chilling in our backyard.Willy is the oldest,he is the one on the left.Sadie is in the middle and her sister Emma is to the right.We got Emma and Sadie for Christmas in 2010.We love them very much! When I was adopted I remember I was going through an "I love dogs so much" stage.I would read about dogs,draw dogs and play with our dogs.When I first came to United States my family had a dog named Levi,he was part Australian Shepherd/Labrador Retriever.I was in love with that dog.The time came when he got sick and died.That made me very sad.Ever since he died I haven't been into dogs as much.I guess because the reason I loved dogs so much was Levi.I haven't been attached to any other dog ever since Levi died ,but it's hard not to love our three adorable Labs.