Friday, April 6, 2012

The king who wore the crown of thorns for us

  Today is the day that all believers recognize as the day of great sorrow and hope.On this day we remember what Jesus went through for our sins.It's hard to describe all the pain he went through for me and you. He died for all of we can live with him.He died for us expecting nothing in return,but our trust in him and our love.I admit that it's a great challenge to live for him on earth,but a girl named Annie told me once that it's all about perseverance.I know that I will always struggle but I won't give up trying to improve the way I live for him,neither should anybody that believes  in him.This past Wednesday at my youth group the youth pastor was preaching on Francis Chan's book called "Crazy Love" and he was talking about a chapter that talks about luke-warm believers.I know from my past choices that I lived a luke-warm life and there were times that I would make luke-warm decisions without realizing, and even realizing and choosing to bring them to life anyway.I don't want to live like that anymore.Jesus died for me...I need to be willing to die for him?   We recognize the "Good Friday" because it was truly good,a gift for undeserving but loved children of God.