Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A friend to all

Today our friend Billy who is actually a worship and youth pastor at our church stopped by at our house.He does that very often and we all have grown very close to him ever since we started going to the church we are going to.Today I found out that he designed the Center Point Bible Church sign.That was pretty neat to find out! He has shown that he cares for us in many ways and we are thankful to have a friend like him.I just want to mention some few great things that he has done to help us.He has been a great example and a role model to us,he reflects Christ always.When we need encouragement we usually go to him,he listens to us and usually encourages us.He has also helped many of my brothers and sisters to achieve some great things in life that they wanted to do but didn't know how to get there.My brother's Caleb and Jonas have been talking for few years about how badly they wanted to work by helping mow other's lawns.I remember they were asking me if our dad would let them,I wasn't sure and always told them I don't know.This year Billy made their dream come true! He has them working mowing lawns for some of his family members.They love it! I've shared alot about my sister Leah in my last few posts,Billy has been a great impact on her and her creativity.She and Billy are running a small business.They are making 500 bracelets for a High School that is in our area in their color and selling them.She has made a hammock and many different things that Billy has inspired her to make.He is also helping my blind brother Abraham get involved in music,because Abraham is truly gifted in that area.Recently actually on Easter morning my siblings Leah,Rachel and Jonas got baptized.Instead of the head pastor baptizing them Billy wanted to do it,that was very special.I can go on and on,because Billy is truly a big part of our family...but I believe that I made my point.He is a gift from God to us!