Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ava Claire Johnson

This beautiful girl is our niece.She is baby Kloe's and Mady's older sister.I remember when Ava was born 5 years ago.I remember that she was the very first baby that I ever had held for a long period of time and the first baby that I ever helped care for while her Mommy was working.I remember having her in a room with toys on the floor and thinking what a beautiful baby and what a tough world she entered into.While we were helping raise Ava we all were also learning much about babies and how to care for them.Ava was a fun baby! We were able to play with her a whole lot.I remember we would flip her over while she was lying on the bed and she would laugh.I also remember that one way to make her stop crying was to give her food,by age one she was very chubby, and so cute.Right now same as Kloe and Mady we get to be with Ava almost everyday.Her mommy Mary Kate homeschools her at our house during our school days.Ava is a very smart girl and very imaginative.Sometimes I watch her play and am reminded of my own childhood and how I played and imagined like she does.Sometimes when I have free time I would play with her, and when I don't have time to play with her she never complains.Ava brightens my day! She has brought me flowers and put them on my dresser not long ago.Today she drew a picture of a bird and gave it to me.Definetly a keeper!I feel loved by Ava and I'm hoping that she feels loved by me,because I do love my Claire as I sometimes call her!