Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Story of Asher...

Last evening Leah,Lily,Tia and I went to a bon fire at our our friend Harmony's house.The area that she lives at is surounded by trees.It's like a mini forest,that actully made me feel like I was in a fairy-tale land.It was that beautiful! Harmony wanted to serve her eighty year old neighbor by picking up sticks in his backyard that fell from the trees and burning them.So that is what we did! We had a lot of fun...we talked about our lives and were encouraged by Harmony's life.She is one of those people that you would get inspired by if you spend time with her.She is very happy with what she has and loves the Lord with all her heart.
We were having a great time, but then something sad happened.Leah was the one that noticed it first,she saw a baby rabbit that was about to get burned alive.The first instict we all had was to save it.Harmony and Tia got sticks and tried to get it out,it was hard because it was very close to the fire.It was moving and struggling to get out too.Finally we managed to get it out.It was very injured but still alive.Harmony put the rabbit in a little box and put some Aloe on it's burns.When we got it comfortable we just sat there in the dark and talked about it.We decided to name it! We named the baby rabbit Asher Survivor.