Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brother/Sister talk

  The conversation I was having with my brother when this picture was taken was about college and work.Ben is doing both and usually has good advice for his sisters.He cares about our future and encourages us to set goals for our lives.He also tries to help and guide us if he can in some areas.Just having someone that will listen and understand how hard it is to make decisions about ("What you gonna do with your life?") is so very helpful.He is a good brother! Right now Ben is going to Shepherd University college and is majoring in nursing.So we get to hear some health tips every once in awhile...OK all the time.We don't mind,because we learn a lot from him.In my opinion Ben is very successful in life and I'm hoping that I can follow in his footsteps...by setting goals and  pursuing them.I know that if I don't trust God I would be settling for less.God has a story for all of us and all we have to do is trust him!