Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home is where your story begins

 Many people that I meet ask me,"How big is your house?" My answer always goes like this," I wouldn't say it's too big,but it fits us very well ! "When my brother Luke and I were adopted in 2004 this house was half it's size.As years went by we added two additions to our house and it seems like the house grew along side with our family.I grew to love our house and  miss being there if I'm away for too long.As the saying goes,"Home is where the hearts is." My heart is here...and will be until God's will for me will be to leave and start my very own home.When that time comes...I hope my home would be just as special to me is the one I'm living at right now.Since that time hasn't come yet I'm going enjoy living where I'm at as much as I can with my family.I know from experience that nothing stays the same,because the stories of our lives must play out.Sometimes I have wished I could be somewhere else having different adventures,but am realizing that these days I'm living right now at our house are so precious, they won't last forever and I will miss them so much in the future.We all will,we got to treasure them,because we never know what we got until it's gone.