Thursday, March 1, 2012

A step a time...

My sister Leah and I took this picture at the beach last summer of both of our feet.As I looked at it today it made me think of life and the steps we all take in it.
  This year I am slowly stepping into adulthood.It's scary, but things are lookig good so far.That's because God is helping me through. My dad is right there by my side too.I know that eventually I will have to do alot more for myself,but it's nice to have somebody that cares enough to help make those hard steps that you need to take as you are stepping into adulthood.Today I received my GED diploma!!! I hope I don't sound to prideful,but honestly I feel very proud because taking all those tests weren't just a piece of cake for me.Right now I'm not doing school and it feels very weird,sometimes I have the desire to do school.I always enjoyed school! Tomorow I am going to call a community college and ask for an application,because that is where I might start going next fall.Then there is the drivers license that I'm still working on,the truth is without my dad I wouldn't be able to do it.He is so patient with me and when I make mistakes he explains the reasons why I shouldn't be making those mistakes in a very good way.Another step that I will need to take is getting a job during the summer.It will be my very first job,probably at some store or a restaurant.Well that's all for now,I haven't thought about much more yet.I know that all these plans that I have might not work out the way I planned them,because God may have a different set of steps that I need to take.He will reveal them in time ,and I will do my best and take them! His way is perfect!