Sunday, February 26, 2012

A WOW moment

    Yesterday evening when my Dad,Josiah,Andrew and I came home from my driving lessons a very unusual thing happened.I got out of the car and left the door open.I didn't shut the door right away because I was watching Josiah take Andrew out of the car.Out of nowhere I see to huge birds flying towards us (it was  super windy at that time and they were flying pretty fast) one bird flew over the car  and the other flew right into it.Dad and I realize that it's a hawk!!! I had a strong desire to help it get out but I knew that it can hurt me pretty bad if I dare touch it. It was struggling to get back out by flying and bumping into the dashboard of our car and in less than 5 seconds succeded.We were amazed, because we don't see things like that happen everyday.We were also thankful that it didn't get hurt! Ofcourse when we got into the house we spread the news very quickly! Our family were pretty amazed to hear it too. It was neat to see a hawk up-close! Very neat!!!