Saturday, March 3, 2012


   The choices we make do matter! Sometimes we make the wrong choice,learn from it and end up making the right choice.We've all been there or will be there.It's human!Today was my day ,here is what happened:
    I was cleaning my older sister's house with two of my other sisters.When I was cleaning the bathroom I did something accidentally.I was trying to wash a toothbrush-holder (it was made just like a mug and I should have known to be very careful).As I was trying to wash it, it slipped a little bit out of my hand and as I was trying to get a hold of it,it banged against the sink.As I looked at it I thought I was lucky that it didn't break.Then I looked a little bit closer and noticed that it had a thin crack on it from top to bottom.The toothbrush- holder  was still holding together,but I knew that I have damaged it.I'm ashamed to admit that the first thoughts that came to my mind were these "I can leave it the way it is, because it's hardly noticeable!","No one will know that I did it." or  here is the worst one of all " My sister might think one of her kids accidentally did it." The reason I even considered making the wrong choice is that I was ashamed of what I've done.As I was about to walk out of the bathroom I thought," I can't do that!That would be wrong and  the consequences for that kind of a choice are for more greater.It will be a little tough to tell the truth but it will be far worse to be discovered later on and feel so ashamed."I also thought of how I would be lying to my sister and remembered the words my mom told to all of her children"When you choose to lie to somebody,you are stating that that person is not worth the truth." Then I thought of my past choices that I have made ( especially the ones that weren't very good ,I'm embarrassed to even mention them), and I remembered how awful they made me and others feel.I couldn't do that again! As nervous as I was I told my sister.She wasn't mad at me at all. In fact she teased me a little bit.Telling the truth right away is truly the best way to go.You might get punished but it won't be as bad.Or you might be forgiven right away just like I was.Either way the person you love is worth the truth!