Thursday, January 26, 2012

How 2012 is going!

  Recently I took my GED! I passed every part except Social Studies.Very soon I will have to retake only the Social Studies test.If I pass I will receive a diploma and graduate.So I've been spending alot of time studying History.I've been reading about the Constitution,wars and just many things that happened in the history of the United States.I got to say I am very proud! Proud that I became a U.S citizen.I am very proud of this country and there is no other place on earth I would rather live in.Tomorow I get to go with my parents and siblings that are 18 and older to get our finger prints done.This ofcourse has nothing to do with what I was talking about,but it has to do with the adoption that we are trying to get through.We are adopting three more children from Ghana.They are siblings to Selah who we adopted just last year.We are adopting her twin sister and two of her brothers who are twins to each other.Her mom had three sets of twins.The very neat thing is that the two twin boys we are adopting share my birth date.So I will get to celebrate my birthday with my two little brothers.It's very exciting for me!One thing I know my heavenly Daddy has already worked to make this adoption possible for us.One other thing that I want to share about is that I have made a decision to become a member of the church I am going to.In fact nine from our family have made that decision.It was not something to take lightly, but I believe this step will help me grow stronger as a daughter to my Father in Heaven.