Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Experience

 Went and got my finger prints done today for the first time with some of my family members.It was quiet an adventure! When we got there we faced some challenges, but everything worked out! It took us an hour to get there,then we spent at least an hour  there,stopped by to get lunch and went home.I  enjoyed taking this trip with my parents and siblings.There is a Russian store close to where we went, but we didn't have much time to stop by there today.Sometimes our mom would take a group of us and we would go there just for fun. The place is called "A Taste of Europe" and they sell things that my siblings and I, who are from Russia or Ukraine, actually ate in those countries.It's kind of neat to go there,you can actually hear people talk in Russian in that store.It brings back memories! Sometimes I do miss Ukraine but I know that being an American is an honor.Someday I would want to go back and visit Ukraine with some of my siblings, but I would not want to live there again.This is home!