Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How we manage homeschool

    We have to be up,dressed and downstairs by eight o'clock.Then we have breakfast,the kitchen closes at nine.From nine o'clock to ten thirty the younger kids are supposed to finish their chores,write in their Bible journal and read an hour.They have an older kid assigned to check and make sure they do that.The very little ones get to watch a learning program on tv from nine to ten.They watch shows like SuperWhy and Sesame Street.They start school at ten with an older sibling as their teacher.They are taught the alphabet,colors,numbers and that's only for thirty minutes.After the thirty minutes they do a learn to read program on the computer.
    At ten thirty the younger kids (not the very little ones) start their school.The older kids ,including me, during that time are teaching them and checking their school.The kid's do math,literature,a learning activity book and a writing assignment.After lunch they read a history or a science book for thirty minutes.
   After lunch the older kids and I start our school.This year my sisters and I are preparing to take our GED.I already took my practice test and thankfully passed.So for school I spend at least an hour and a half on the computer.I am on two websites that are supposed to help me learn and get better at test taking.I try to read an hour or more a day,because I know that is the most important part of learning.Then after dinner I do some bookwork.I do a little bit of Algebra,basic math,read a story in a literature book,read a history book and a science book.I also try to write a little and of course I am required to do my writing assignment.I purposely pick out my books with a harder reading level, because I need  to learn and get used to hard words (I believe that will help me a lot when I take my GED).My other sisters that are my age study too,but they have their own way of learning and studying.
   So that's how we manage school! I am very used to it now, so it isn't to hard to keep up and I get alot of free time during the day.I didn't used to think that homeschool is much fun, but now I think that I am  very blessed to have an opportunity to learn  the way I think is best, and have time to do other things in my life.