Friday, December 16, 2011

My Friday

   Today was a stay at home and watch as many movies as you like day for me and my family.So that's what we did! I also had to scrub the carpet in our living room because one of our puppies made a mess on it.My sisters and I worked pretty hard getting it cleaned.It smelled pretty bad! We had to open all the windows in the house and spray the whole house over and over again.It was frustrating! Other than that it was a good day.My mom and dad  are celebrating their anniversary this weekend.They were married 35 years now.I think that is very awesome! As I watch them live together I can see that they truly love each other.Sure,they have problems sometimes,but they work them out very quickly and keep on loving each other.That's because they are perfect for each other! I can never thank them enough for adopting me and all my brothers and sisters.I can honestly say if they have not met, there would be a big chance that my siblings and I would not have been adopted.