Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Great is Our God

Last month my brothers,sisters and I wrote the stories of our lives.Most of them started out very sad and turned  out very good.My sister Leah and I were reading each others after we finished writing them.It was very fun writing my story ,but I have to admit that it was also sad.When I read Leah's story I just couldn't keep my tears from coming.Her story has a very very sad part in it,it was about her biological father who loved her very much but had to make a decision to give her up.He told her that she is going to a fun camp, but instead he took her to a train station and she ended up going to the orphanage.That was the last time she ever saw him... As we were sitting there talking about our stories and feeling very sad, for sure God  stepped in to comfort us.We had the radio playing and this song comes on.At first we make fun of it because the beggining sounds a little funny and  turn our attention on talking about our stories.Than we hear Russian in that song and that's when we freak out.That's the language we spoke and still speak,and the word's were saying "How Great Is Our God".We ran out the room to call our other russian speaking sister but by the time she comes in the room the song is playing another language on it.That's when we realize that God was comforting us in our sadness and was speaking to us in the way that he knows will catch our attention.Instantly we became happy and started talking about how great our life is now.We both know that what happened in the past will stay with us as long as we live and that's good, because that's something we can share about and give God the glory through!