Monday, September 6, 2010

I had a good week last week! My sister Jennifer came to visit our family.She brought her three kids Ella,Eli and Ezra.Her husband Jeremiah came also.I love it when they come because they are such a sweet family.If I ever become a mommy  I would want to be just like  Jennifer.
   Also my sister Molly got married.She had a beautiful wedding at a park.It was a park by Camp David.The people that came to the wedding were the only ones that were allowed to stay at the park because president Obama was at Camp David that weekend.Anyway the wedding was beautiful and so was Molly.She and her husband Mike are at their honeymoon now.
 Then on Sunday my family and I went to an Air Show.I was fascineted by all the planes I saw.It was a neat experience.I am sure my brothers felt like they were in boy heaven!