Saturday, September 11, 2010

When I was 10 and still an orphan my uncle Roma,Aunt Ira and my sister Yulia came to visit me for the first time.I was happy I knew I finally have a family.I stopped praying to be adopted.They visited me often and my Aunt Ira let me stay at her house during summer breaks.So I was very surprised when I found out someone wanted to adopt me.I wanted to be adopted but I didn't want to leave my Uncle Roma,Aunt Ira and Yulia.After they told me I should go because it would be so much better in America.I felt excited to be adopted.I couldn't believe that God answered my prayer.Looking back I see that by adoption God was telling me"I AM REAL".I didn't become a christian until I was 14 because I was still trying to figure God out.I always believed but I just wasn't ready to accept Him until I knew more.Finally when  I did  I knew that it was the best decision I ever made. 
     I lost touch with the people I loved from Ukraine but this week my Uncle Roma talked to Mom on Facebook.It's amazing that they have Facebook in Ukraine.My Uncle has a beautiful family now and it was so nice to hear from him.I thank him,Aunt Ira and my sister Yulia for visiting me when I was alone.Maybe someday I will see them again!