Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today Mya,Anna,Caleb,Jonas and I went to Mr.and Mrs.Livermore's house.Mr. and Mrs.Livermore do so much for our family.They truly love us and we love them too.They are our God-given grandparents.We  had a great time at their house today.Mr.Livermore took Caleb and Jonas cannoeing.They enjoyed it! Anna,Mya and I stayed with Mrs.Livermore.We played card games,went swimming and watched Anne of Green Gables.Such a good movie! Then Shannon came over. She is Mrs.Livermore's neighbor.Shannon is 14 and we are good friends.She is a very nice girl and I enjoy spending time with her.Her life is alot different than mine but we have alot in common.Usually it's easier for me to be friends with people that have some things in common with me.