Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is my 10 year old sister Lily(a.k.a Silly Lily or Lily bean).I love her and her endless giggles.Lily was adopted from Russia when she was 2.She had a small problem with her eyes but it was easy to fix here in America.Other than that she was and is a healthy little girl.She is so cute and makes me laugh alot.When we were younger we played alot of imaginary games together.Those times made us very close and I am glad Jesus gave me a sister that is so much fun to be around.After I accepted Jesus I told Lily about Him.I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart.She said that she really wanted to but she didn't know how.So I told her that she could repeat the words after me and she did.That day Lily got saved and it was amazing! I will never forget that day!