Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is my sweet 8 year old brother Luke.Luke and I were adopted together in 2004.His orphanage was not to far from mine.The funny thing is that I walked by his orphanage all the time and thought it was somebody's house.I was suprised to find out that it was an orphanage.Just because we were adopted together Luke and I  are very close.He would always ask me questions  about our adoption.This is the question he asks me the most,"How old were you when you were adopted?" He asked me that question a million times.My answer was always"11".Maybe next time I will say some random number and see if he will correct me.Anyway I love Luke especially his sense of humor and his tough guy attitude.Luke is such a brave boy! In our family Luke has had the most surgeries.He had a heart surgery,cleft palate surgeries and many leg surgeries(including fixators on both of his legs).I watched him go through all those painful times.Instead of becoming mean and spoiled ,he became even sweeter and stronger.I can't help but love him.