Sunday, January 13, 2013

Four step to LOVE

This morning at church Pastor Mark was preaching on simplifying the church.Recently he has felt in his heart that there is too much activities and such... going on at the church,that those things become the focus of church.Our church's new year resolution is to simplify our church,cut back on some activities and focus on the main thing.Which is making christ-like disciples. Pastor Mark mentioned four main points that we can apply to our lives. 1.Love God 2.Love God's people 3.Love God's Word 4.Love God's world All of these are pretty simple!Yet I admit are hard to do always,but still what we should pursue to do.Loving God I believe comes naturally if you put your trust in him.Meaning every detail in your life is in His control.Recently I came to a point when I gave my dreams,hopes and everything to Him.I was depressed one day and took some time to think about it.Finally I came to a conclusion,"Jesus I haven't been trusting you with everything in my life.I want to trust you now! I trust you!"That morning I felt joy again.Ever since then I have been joyful...I know that there will be days of depression again,we all have them,but to truly love God you got to trust Him with that hard thing that you are going through and you will experience joy once again! An example of loving God's people would be close to this.You know someone who is on fire for the Lord but then things somehow change.Circumstances overtake that fire within them and you know it.Getting the courage to talk to them about it,I would see is one way you love your fellow believer. Since January 1,2013 I have spent time every morning in God's Word.It's been very effective to do it that way for me,because it helped me start out my days focusing on what is important.I was so afraid I was gonna quit,because in the past I have.This time I haven't, in fact I can't start my day without reading the Bible and praying.Love God's Word! Love God's world.I couldn't wait until pastor Mark got to this part.When he finally did I took many notes.I needed to hear all that he said,needed some guidence.You see ever since I started working I got an opportunity to love the world.Loving the world is not always easy! The world can bring you down,make you doubt that God is real.My desire is to keep trying to shine the light.Pastor Mark said what you hear at church you should go out and teach,at least to someone.It can be just one person at a time,but that would be taking action.Think yourself as a missionary! Most importanlty LOVE,beyond how you feel about yourself or somebody else.Truly LOVE!!! I got alot out of church today!It was great!