Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just some randomly taken pictures of...

Lila(She loves to play dress up and would always ask her older sisters to tie a blanket on her head as pretend hair.This time Leah wrapped it around her head and made a hat.Lila is our youngest girl in the family, she just turned four.She is truly adorable!)
Jesse(He took to skate-boarding one day while he was playing outside.He even tried to do it standing up,so brave but ofcourse we had to tell him no-no.Then he pushed and pulled his older brother in a wagon.He is such a strong boy!It was cute to watch!

Emma(She is one of the three Labs that we have.I think she is a very beautiful Lab,her fur color is more to the golden side instead of the regular Yellow Lab fur color.She's our golden puppy!