Monday, August 27, 2012

My Treasures

Isaiah turned six today!This was his second birthday celebration with us,he was adopted from Ghana last summer.I feel blessed to have Isaiah for a brother.He is one of a kind!
This morning I felt joy as I was watching my brothers and sisters play outside.There was so much going on,so I grabbed a camera and started taking pictures.
Since football is already on tv,this scene is no surprise.My brothers and sisters love football,both watching and playing.
Today it was extra special because they got some cheers.Lila and Ava are cute cheerleaders,don't you think?
Then there are the card players.I don't know why exactly, but card playing has been big lately here.Rummy is the game that is played constantly by everyone (kids,teenagers,adults,you name it).
There was also some serving going on.Isaac was helping our special needs brother Andrew walk up and down the drive-way.He had such a willing heart!
Olivia was watching our little niece Kloe.I have noticed that it is something she enjoys doing.No doubt she would make a great mommy someday!Kloe is crawling now and thinks sticking her tongue out is fun.She is a very pretty baby!
Today Jacob was washing his car to impress his first date.He worked very hard!
Oh,Judah! I can't even say how much I love this little guy.He is so cute and chubby.Best of all for his age he is very obedient!
While all this playing was going on Momma was in the kitchen making dessert for Isaiah's birthday party.She made dirt dessert,for it was his choice.He had a great time tonight and was all smiles.
Sometimes I wonder how did I ever became so blessed? My treasure on this earth is the people that I call my family!Some people take pride in the things that they own,I would never want to take pride in things instead always I will take pride in the people that God has placed in my life.I'm proud to be a sister of many!