Friday, May 4, 2012

A True Hero

Last night at midnight Ben took Leah,Olivia,Rachel and I to see the Avengers movie.It was a two hour and a half movie but it was so fast and full of action that it kept us awake until it ended, which was at two thirty.We all liked the movie! Obviously out of each super hero movie the positive message many people take out is that it's always the good verses evil.Usually the good guys win in the end in those type of movies,to bad it's not always true on earth.When I was watching the movie I actually felt the desire to be a super hero,it's not just guys, girls want to change the world too.Then my sister mentioned that because of movies like these many men/boys decide that they want to look just like one of those heroes.So they start to try to develop the image on the outside by working-out and doing whatever guys do to look tough,for some that is the dead line.The look is enough for some,but it just sad to see that they don't realize that it isn't enough.What I thought is and it actually felt encouraging to think that way, is that there is a way to be a hero on earth without super-powers.That way is choosing to serve others no matter how hard it might be.A true hero would choose to do the right things even when the desire to do them isn't there.I also believe those things don't always have to be huge,little things like making someone feel special is something a hero would do.Those are just my thoughts,because I don't know, I do want to become a hero.I do have to and want to mention that I believe without Christ in our lives (who is mostly definetly a super hero) we can't be the heroes we were meant to be.
"Justice is like the Kingdom of God-it is not without us as a fact,it is within us as a great yearning."GE