Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memories of the Black Sea

Swimming in the rain,swimming when it's sunny;during the summer that is the main thing that we do as a family.Sometimes we would go to the beach,which happens to be my favorite place to be at.Other than that summer plays out by itself, it always has!Thanks to the adoption my siblings are already off of school now.They are very happy! Talking about swimming I was reminded that...I was born in a city called Illichevsk and it was located beside the Black Sea.The orphanage I was living at is standing in a place called Izmail.My orphanage owned a camp"Globus"(in English that would be "Globe") right by the Black Sea.When school was out we would spend the month of June at the orphanage.July comes we are all ready to go to the beach.We would pack up and take a long road trip on the buses that I would say were rented for the trip.Traveling to the Black Sea was never easy, because the buses were stuffy(not many vehicles in Ukraine have air-conditioning).Many of the kids would get sick on the way and end up vomiting.I was one of the few lucky ones that felt very sick but didn't end up throwing up.Anyway as soon as we made it to the Black Sea the bus disasters were always forgotten.We got to spend July-August at that camp every year.Everyday we would get a chance to swim in the sea.It was my favorite thing to do there and one of the things that I actually miss.Truthfully I would say there were many good moments while I was living in Ukraine that I will never forget,but being at the beach was the greatest! I was just going to post about how much fun my siblings were having swimming in the rain this past Monday.They really did! Then memories of my swimming experiences came to my mind and so I just felt like sharing them.I wasn't the only one in my family that got to spend most of their childhood summers at the Black Sea.My siblings Cate,Leah and Joseph were adopted from the same orphanage,so they did too.Whenever Cate,Leah or Joseph share about some of their experiences at the orphanage I can actually see images of their life in my mind because I experienced mine at the same places.It's neat!God is so amazing!!!