Monday, May 7, 2012

Adoption ???

Last weekend my newest brothers and sister that are still in Ghana got their passports.That was great news for all of us!Tomorow mom and dad are having an "exit appointment" that they have received from the embassy.We are hoping that the news will be good and that we will be able to bring the three new ones from Ghana home very soon.This adoption has been the most exciting for me, because I just love the ones we got from Ghana last year.I love the way they are and want more little ones like them.Tonight we will be praying for them at 3 o'clock because I think that would be the time the decisions about our visa would be made.I know that it's not right to demand from God the things we want, so I just asked him to do his will.I know that tomorow he will!
Here is one of the precious faces of a brother of mine from Ghana.We adopted Isaiah last year and he is a blessing in our lives!