Monday, April 16, 2012

Make Dino Donuts...if you dare

  My brother Josiah has been asking me to help him make "Dino Donuts'' with him all week.The Dino term came out of an Ice Age coloring book.Josiah copied the recipe out of it and was determined to do it.I told him I would like to help him whenever I have time.Yesterday the time came! At first I was all like sure I can do this.Josiah and I followed the recipe and put all the ingredients together.Then we came to the part where it said how you are supposed to cook them.It turns out I couldn't do it,in other words was afraid to.Because the recipe involved deep- frying in hot oil and that didn't sound to bad, until my mom started saying how dangerous it is if you are not careful.I was about to give up and make my brother very disappointed,until Leah came to the rescue.She bravely took over the job and made Josiah happy by deep- frying the "Dino donuts".I watched her work and was very amazed at her bravery.She is truly a gifted girl and a person of great character.Even though she is a little bit younger than me I am the one that usually would  look up to her and learn from her.She serves willingly every single day without complaining.I can see Jesus is a great part of her life and know for sure that she already has changed many other's lives.My brother Ben took these pictures of Leah and encouraged me to blog about the donut making day ( deep-frying was a challenge,but Leah stayed with it and the donuts  turned out tasting  great).Ben also took some extra pictures of Leah and I couldn't help but post them.What can I say,I love my sister!