Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ukraine on my mind

  The teens in our family and I have been going to a youth group that our church is having at Faith Christian Academy on Wednesdays.It's been great so far,especially since Pastor Billy (who cares alot for our family) is the head leader of it.I know that I've graduated High School last month but I'm still choosing to go to the youth group until next fall.I want to enjoy being there as much as  I can because I know that soon it will be time to move on.Grow up!
  Anyway the main reason I'm blogging about is the picture that my sister and I took last Wednesday at Faith Christian Academy.When I first came to the youth group which is held in the gym I noticed the way the walls were painted.I bet when the walls were painted Ukraine wasn't on any ones mind.Or it might have been! Blue on top and yellow on the bottom is exactly the colors of the Ukrainian flag.No big deal right? I just thought that it was kind of neat and great that I recognized it.So here I am blogging about it because it matters to me.Just seeing a little bit of Ukraine in small everyday things reminds me what I was part of but it also reminds me that I am part of so much more.I was proud of Ukraine but I am more proud to be an American.There is no need for me to explain,just read the U.S. history books and you will see what I mean.