Thursday, February 23, 2012


   Tonight during our family's Bible time  instead of asking God for things we all just took our time and thanked him..This very day our adoption of the three from Ghana got approved.Very,very good news!!! Today we found out that our little brother Andrew is free from the sicknesses that the doctors thought he had before.Again good news!!! I mentioned earlier that a very dear friend to our family wasn't doing well.He is doing a little bit better and I'm thankful for that.I also have an unspoken praise.It's a praise that only God deserves, because there are things in life that no human can handle the way God can.I'm also thankful for my brother Caleb he had an opportunity this week to reach his level in school.He was behind because he was adopted few years ago and usually when you are learning English you are doing easier school work.This week Caleb became a 7th grader.A great accomplishment! My sister Mya walked on her leg,without a brace.She was very proud of herself and well so are we. Andrew was paddling on a bicycle,an amazing deed for Andrew.I'm thankful for all these things.Most of all I'm thankful for my family,sometimes I forget how big I'm blessed.When I'm reminded I tell my self to never take it for granted!