Saturday, February 18, 2012

A family adventure

              On Wednesday my whole family went snow-tubing at White Tail.We all had a blast! My older sister Mary Kate and her husband Keith payed for all of our tickets.It was a Christmas gift from them to our family.We loved it!!!
         The older kids were paired up with the younger kids during snow-tubing.We did that to keep everybody in our family safe.I happened to be paired with my sister Selah.It was quiet an experience.Don't get me wrong she was a good girl,and let's just say had a lot to learn there.The first time she got on the escalator,the person that was running it had to completely stop it.The poor girl just couldn't stay on it,but I don't blame her. Because it was a little bit hard for me also, there was nothing to hold on to.I'm not writing this to say that it was funny that she couldn't stay on, because it was far from funny.The reason I'm mentioning this part is because she learned how to.She faced her fear and did it! I'm proud of Selah! It also taught me if  you face your fears eventually you make those fears die.
      We all had a blast going down the hills.The hill number four happened to be the favorite for most,because it made your snow-tube jump.It was alot of fun,all thanks goes to Keith and Mary Kate!