Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Special Visitors

  This week The Hambrick Family (my older sister Jenn and her family) are visiting us.We are enjoying our time with them.It feels like a party that is lasting a very long time...alot of fun! It's amazing how fast Jenn's little baby Zoe is growing.She is so cute! Sometimes she opens her mouth very wide and that is just so adorable.Jenn's other kids Ella,Ezra and Eli are growing up so fast too.They are enjoying spending time with us,especially with my younger brothers and sisters.Just playing and doing what kids do.Almost every visit Jenn's husband Jeremiah manages to spend time with all of my brothers and sisters by playing football with them.Which is considered alot of fun in our family.Today Jenn and mom with a couple of my sisters are just going shopping,I can't come with them because I have something special to do.That is retake my Social Studies GED test.Still I"m so glad we all get to spend time with them this week!