Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Little Princess

  Here is my little sister Lila.She was adopted from Ghana last summer.She came home with Isaiah and Selah.We all love her very much! Right now she happens to be the youngest child in our family.Ofcourse when we adopt the three kids that we want to adopt from Ghana,she will get to be a big sister to two of them.When Lila came home she had alot to learn,she had to get used to the food that we served to her,get potty-trained and learn to obey in some areas in her life.All these things were a little bit of a challenge,but we wouldn't trade her for anything.Believe or not she is my personal hair-brusher too! She enjoys brushing  her sisters' hair alot.I don't  how my sisters feel,but I love her hair-brushing!This year she is learning the alphabet,numbers and colors for school.That is going pretty well!She is just precious! My brother-in-law was teasing my Dad that he better watch out ,because this little girl will get everything she wants when she is a teenager because of her charms.I believe she will! Right now she is three years old and a total cutie-pie!Our little princess!