Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joseph's birthday

  Today my brother Joseph turned 22.It's so hard to believe! He has been a great brother ever since he got adopted.He shows love to others through giving, especially.He loves to bring gifts to our mom and that's his way of showing that she is special to him.I can't tell how many times Joseph has made all of us feel special.He is also like a second daddy in the house.Whenever dad is very busy and can't handle a situation ,Joseph is usually there trying to help mom fix it.Anything that is needed to be done he usually does without complaining.He is also a great worker! He started working at Sam's Club when he was about 16,he started out as a kart- pusher.Now he is a superviser there,that is a pretty high position.He got there through hard work and loving what he does.We all are blessed to have such a caring brother and today I want to thank God for his birth.