Monday, January 30, 2012


  My sisters Cate, Leah and Olivia  had something very unexpected happen to them.They were driving to a store that is kind of far away from where we live and got lost.They were very afraid, but faced the challenge by finding their way home.I teased them a little, but I do realize that things like that do happen and they can be pretty scary.That's when we all need to be brave and try to solve the problem we are in.I am pretty sure that when I drive I will get lost because I am awful with directions.I have a brother,Isaac,we all call him "The GPS",because honestly he knows how to get from place to place without any instruction.It's amazing! Amazing how gifted he is in that area! So when Mom or just anybody goes on a long trip or any trip,guess,who is always coming along:Isaac.:)I'm amazed at his gift!