Monday, December 26, 2011

  Today our Uncle Johnny(my mama's brother) and his son Little John came to our house.They brought Christmas gifts for everyone of us.That is a lot of gifts! We are blessed to have an Uncle like Uncle Johnny,not just because of the gifts that he brings(I have to admit those are beyond awesome),but also for his love and kindness that he gives us each time he sees us.His son is just as kind-hearted as his father.We enjoyed spending time with them today.I know that my mom was very happy to spend some time with her dear brother!
    Also something very neat happened today.Few years ago our dog got into one of our neighbor's yard and that made  him(and his family) very upset with us.It was pretty bad because we used to be good friends.Years went by to this day we never got to experience the same friendship with them.We still never gave up being kind to our neighbors.We never demanded our friendship back but we hoped that someday God will work in our neighbor's hearts through us.Today,this very day,our neighbors(the ones that were very angry with us few years ago) stopped by and they brought a Christmas gift for our family.It was very amazing! This act of kindness showed us that they are not angry with us anymore.Just having that happen today was a gift!
   It was a good day!I got to hold baby Kloe, got to drive with my dad(I got a learners permit this year and am learning to drive) and I got to wear an outfit that matched my sisters(just for the fun of it).